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We offer our clients professional analysis, creation, implementation and maintenance of dedicated business solutions.

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Business Consulting

We will help you choose reliable IT solutions for business that optimize contact with customers and many internal processes. 


Selected tactic's implementation

We implement products created by Procodice developers and explain how to use their full potential. 


Regular updates

We know you want to be constantly ahead of the competition. We regularly research the market and offer you solutions that others don't yet have. Regularnie badamy rynek i proponujemy Ci rozwiązania, których jeszcze nie mają inni. 


Education and consulting

How to take advantage of all the positives that modern systems bring? Procodice's team of experienced specialists will help you explore the secrets of IT technology in your company. 


Technical support

We customize existing solutions to meet your needs, prepare regular performance reports, and continuously improve the quality of implemented systems. 

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We know the best solution for all of your business ideas and we can help you solve all business problems

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01. Analysis

Let's talk! You tell us your expectations, and we listen and analyze the possibilities of meeting them. We also look at the existing infrastructure to consider extending legacy systems or producing completely new solutions.

02. Workshops with the client

We meet for a workshop, during which we will transform ideas into a concrete plan, define the framework of our cooperation, as well as talk about business goals and the effect you hope for after we deliver the finished product.

03. Prototyping

Based on the arrangements formed together, we proceed to create the initial version of the product. This is the perfect place to verify expectations with reality and see if we are moving in the right direction.

04. UX/UI Design

Here we design the experience of the users (employees and/or customers) who will use your product. We meticulously analyze processes from the users' side and translate the results into building an intuitive and accessible interface.

05. Implementation

The development team transforms the prototype into a finished tool, taking into account all the assumptions for the back-end and front-end layers. Your idea becomes a real product that will soon see the light of day.

06. Deployment

The finished product is transferred to the target production environment. Implementing the solution you ordered, we act according to the documentation, ensuring that risks are minimized.

07. Maintenance and development

We stay in touch! We look at the operation of the jointly developed solution, respond to your comments, and improve the functionalities based on customer and user experience.

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CEO & Solution Architect


Mikolaj Sowa

Founder & Solution Architect

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